AH Prototype (Trinidad and Tobago), 2013 -

Location: Trinidad and Tobago
Client: -
Project Status: Ongoing

The affordable housing prototype, focuses on the re-configuration and re-thinking of the traditional single storey family home. With the current provision of affordable housing through various sectors, the associated perception and inherent output often projects affordable housing as a compromised and neglected option to the housing available on the open market.

In response to this, an alternative strategy exploring environmental, social and cultural conditions informed the process of re-interpreting the traditional house in combination with a selection of local materials, patterns and textures. Designed essentially as two 2-3 bedroom housing types (urban/rural), each house maximises passive airflow through a combination of full height openable louvred facades, a ventilated composite roof strategy and a contemporary interior layout.
The resulting housing types aim to offer a progressive, low cost alternative to current affordable housing typologies as well as engage with its users and the wider community.