City Gate 2020 - 2010

Location: Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago
Project Status: Competition

The City Gate 2020 was a competition entry submitted to the Evolvo 2010 International Skyscraper Competition.
In conjunction with a future national railway network being operational in Trinidad between 2015-2020, the City Gate Station is a unique opportunity to explore the possibilities of a combination of high rise living, working, playing and travel programmes beside the backdrop of a city in social and physical flux.

The ascending randomized concrete columns of the tower rise through the station and platform providing a permeable, visual and physical alternative to the heavy existing urban block. This continues through a series of landscaped promenades and ascends into the City Gate Tower bringing a unique sense of public space and infrastructure into the building fabric. The rising configuration of public and private programmes offer a rich dialogue and an alternative to the existing industrial cityscape.