Triumph Peace Pavilion, 2013

Location: Museum Gardens, London, UK
Client: ArchTriumph
Project Status: Competition

The design for the pavilion was submitted as part of the Museum Garden's Summer Peace Pavilion held in 2013. The pavilion encapsulates the concepts of cultivating peace through gathering and dialogue while re-articulating the enhancement of the local landscape.
The pavilion reinforces of the importance of the individual, gathering to share stories and experiences, to listen and be heard - collectively. The idea of many individuals forming one and uniting in peace. This is articulated through a series of suspended timber strips creating a permeable, cantilevered and open canopy.
The configuration expresses a duality in transparency and openness towards the surrounding context and the visitor. The cantilevered form is supported entirely through a timber structural system, in reference to our relationship with the existing surrounding canopies and the cultivation of a new simulating arena of dialogue and peace.